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    Academic Questions by Jeremy Krug

Dear Friends: Our question-writing service will be unavailable until March 1, 2004, due to a leave of absence taken by the owner. We will be unable to fill any question orders until that date. Thanks for your understanding!

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Are you You have come to the right place!  We can help!!

Welcome to the academic question-writing service for high schools. High schools from across the nation compete in this well-known, fun activity known as 'quiz bowl', 'scholar bowl', 'scholastic bowl', 'academic bowl', 'knowledge bowl', and a plethora of other names. In academic competitions, players on a team try to answer questions in a 'quick recall' format, receiving points for each question they answer.

Our service provides top-quality, low-cost questions for these competitions. The author of our questions is Mr. Jeremy Krug. Jeremy has been involved with scholastic competitions since 1990. In addition to writing questions, he has competed at the junior high, high school, and college levels. During those years, Jeremy won numerous team and conference MVP awards, in addition to competing at Illinois' state tournament in Scholastic Bowl in 1996. He has had experience in managing several tournaments, as well.

We feel our service offers the highest quality questions for the lowest prices around. Please sample our questions and see for yourself!

Starting in the fall of 1999, we began offering simplified formats for our questions.  In order to provide coaches with questions as inexpensively as possible, we are providing three types of packets for the academic coach.

What makes our service different from other question-writing services?

We understand that many schools cannot afford expensive questions from high-overhead companies. So, we offer questions at a fraction of the price of many other question-writing services.  Yet, while offering reasonable prices, we strive to provide some of the highest-quality questions available today.

Since most coaches prefer buying pre-packaged sets of questions in convenient sets, we now offer question packets. We offer the highest quality questions we can write for the lowest prices we can. We provide questions the way you want them!

And because you want your team to keep improving, we provide practice questions to help you build a strong team, year after year.

Our standard question-writing technique involves balancing questions among five major categories: Science, Mathematics, Humanities (incl. Literature), Social Sciences, and Miscellaneous (everything not covered in the first four categories.) As a result, your competitions will test a more well-rounded chunk of human learning, instead of being heavily weighted toward one category, as is the case with many other question-writing services.

We encourage you to take advantage of this inexpensive service and buy your questions from us!

Thank you for visiting our site.

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