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Benton Scholar Bowl

December 14, 1999

Dear Scholar Bowl Coach:

It is once again time for the Benton Freshman-Sophomore Scholar Bowl Tournament, and we are pleased to announce that it will be held on Saturday, January 29, 2000, at Benton High School.  Any area high school, Class A or its equivalent (740 students or less), is welcome to participate in this year's tournament.

To enter your team in this year's tournament, simply mail the enclosed form, along with a check for $30.00 payable to "Benton High School Scholar Bowl", to Mr. John Sweazy at the address listed on the form.  Up to twenty teams will be able to participate.

Composition of Teams:
All teams will be composed of high school freshmen and sophomores from "Class A" schools.  Teams are encouraged to bring as many students as they wish, although only five may play for a team at a time.

Day's Schedule:
The draw will take place as teams arrive, and will be announced at the tournament meeting, which will take place at 8:50 in the high school commons.  The five preliminary rounds will begin at 9:15 a.m. and will run until 12:10 p.m.  The Championship and Consolation matches (Rounds 6 and 7) will begin at 1:15.  The awards presentation will take place in the library at 2:30.  The entire day's activities should be concluded by 2:45 p.m.

Format of Matches:
As in years past, a match will consist of 24 toss-up questions and the corresponding number of two-part bonus questions.  Teams will have 10 seconds to answer most toss-ups and will have 15 seconds to answer the bonus questions.

Tournament Format:
All teams will play at least four matches in preliminary play.  The top four teams will advance to the Championship Bracket, and the next four teams will advance to the Consolation Bracket.  Those eight teams will play two additional matches.  The top five teams will receive awards, and the player who answers the most toss-up questions during preliminary play will receive the Most Valuable Player award.

Miscellaneous Information:
Official tournament rules, directions to Benton High School, and other pertinent information can be found on the tournament website, accessible at the following URL:

We are looking forward to seeing you on January 29.  Have a great season!


Jeremy J. Krug
Tournament Coordinator