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                Official Rules for Scholar WebBowl

Scholar WebBowl is an online tournament sponsored and hosted by Academic
Questions by Jeremy Krug.  Each participating team will play a minimum
of five matches through the course of the tournament.  The top eight
teams will go on to play for the tournament championship.  Prizes will
be awarded to the top three finishers.

Preliminary matches will begin on Monday, October 4, and will take place
on Monday and Wednesday afternoons through the months of October and
November.  Matches for finalists will take place after Thanksgiving,
during the first two weeks of December.  The entry deadline for all
teams shall be Monday, September 22.  All teams must pay the $40 entry
fee by September 25.  Teams whose entry fees have not been received by
the time of their first match will have to forfeit that match.

All preliminary matches will be among three teams.  Each team must have five players
competing at all times.  All teams must be supervised by a coach or
other faculty member while matches are in progress.  Coaches or non-
team members may not assist the players during the match, nor may they
consult other web sites or reference materials while the matches are
in progress.  All players must be students enrolled in the competing
high school.  Coaches may make substitutions only at half-time.

The teams participating in a given match should assemble in the
Scholar WebBowl chat room (Java-based) approximately 15 minutes before
match time.  In the event a team's computer system is inoperable at
game time, they should either send us an e-mail at or call us at (270) 762-4829 no later than
7 minutes after the match is scheduled to start.  If a match can be
rescheduled, we will attempt to do so.  Computer failure is the ONLY
reason matches will be rescheduled.  Please note that rescheduled matches
will likely take place on Friday afternoons.  If a team experiences
technical difficulties during a match, the moderator will wait five
minutes.  If the team has not logged on by the end of the five minutes,
the match will be rescheduled, probably for a Friday afternoon.

In the event that the Moderator experiences technical difficulties, all
teams will wait seven minutes.  If at the end of the seven minutes, the
Moderator is still unable to continue the match, all teams will be
notified of a time to finish the match.

The match will begin promptly at the advertised time.  If a team does
not appear at the site or does not call us by seven minutes after the
scheduled match time, the team will forfeit that match.


The Moderator will ask a toss-up question, worth ten points.  Any player
may respond by telling the team captain an answer.  The captain will
type in the answer in the correct place, and press RETURN.  We suggest
that the fastest typist be the captain.  The first team to respond with
the correct answer will receive ten points.  The teams will be given
15 seconds to respond.

When a team responds correctly, they will receive the opportunity to
answer a bonus question.  The bonus question will be worth 10 points.
Only the team that answered the toss-up will be able to answer the bonus.
Bonus questions will be composed of only one part, and the team will
have 15 seconds to answer it.

After 15 toss-up/bonus questions, a 3-minute half-time will be taken.
The second half will begin promptly at the end of half-time.  The team
with the most points at the end of 30 toss-up/bonuses will be the winner.

In the event of a tie, a sudden-death format will ensue.  The first
team to correctly answer a toss-up will win the match.

Answers must be given with proper units, where applicable.  Abbreviations
are acceptable.  Misspelled answers will be accepted, as long as the
spelling given is a recognizable facsimile of the correct spelling.


The only teams allowed in the Scholar WebBowl chat room will be the
three teams participating in that particular match.  Other teams will
not be allowed to watch, to avoid cluttering the room or distracting
the players.

In the event of a protest, a coach may make the protest only after the
final question of the match.  Two minutes after the final question,
the score becomes official and cannot be changed.

Playoff matches will be played by two teams at a time.  These matches
will take place during the first two weeks of December.  The eight teams
with the highest number of victories (and in the event of a tie,
highest number of average points per match) will participate in the
playoff rounds.  They will take place on an elimination basis.
first two weeks of December.

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