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Benton Freshman-Sophomore Scholar Bowl Tournament
Held at Benton High School
Benton, Illinois
Saturday, January 29, 2000

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Final update -- January 31, 2000

Although threatened by a winter storm warning the evening before the tournament, the tournament was a success.  Ten schools competed on Saturday, January 29, in the Fifth Annual Benton Freshman-Sophomore Scholar Bowl Tournament.  The results are as follows:

Team Results:
1st Place:  Benton
2nd Place:  Nashville
3rd Place:  Flora
4th Place:  Herrin
5th Place:  Freeburg
6th Place:  Trico
7th Place:  Cisne
8th Place:  Wayne City

Individual Results:
MVP:  Jenny Miksanek (Benton) - 22 Toss-Ups (5.5 per match)
1st Runner-Up:  Mike Dotson (Herrin) - 21 Toss-Ups (5.25 per match)

[Round One Questions] [Round Two Questions] [Round Three Questions]
[Round Four Questions] [Round Five Questions] [Round Six Questions]
[Round Seven Questions]

This page contains links to the names of the teams entered in the tournament, directions to Benton High School, official rules, the tournament schedule, and other tournament news as it becomes available.
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